1 How can I create an account on Medforte ?

To create an account on Medforte Click the Register Button

2 How can I retrieve my password ?

In case you lose or forget your password click here
Input your registered email, a recovery Password will be sent to your e-mail
Sign in with the recovery password then reset your password.

3 How can i order a product on Medforte ?

>> Create an account in 2min;
>> Add to Cart the product you desire to get or simply Upload your prescription for non-over the counter medications;
>> Select your cart list to view selected products;
>> Submit your order;
>> Wait for confirmation of your order within 1hr;
>> A representative from Medforte gives you a call to confirm delivery location.
>> Product delivered at your door step;
>> Pay after Delivery of product.

You can also try out our Telephone Order

4 How can I track my order on Medforte ?

Sign in into your account, select ORDER HISTORY to view detail and status of your order

5 Do I need prescription for all drug order ?

• Drugs sold via Medforte can either be over the counter drugs (OTC) or prescription only Medication (POM).
• Prescription are not required to purchase OTC medications however, our online Pharmacist goes through every order pertaining to purchase of drug.
• For Non Over the Counter medications, users are required to upload their prescription before such order can be processed.

6 How can i Upload my Prescription ?

Take a clear snapshot of the prescription given to you by your doctor (not more than 2Mb)
Upload your Prescription via the "Upload Prescription button"
NOTE: Ensure that your prescription is filled correctly as incomplete or wrongly filed prescription may result in decline of such order

7 How Long will i wait to get my product? ?

Order placed on Medforte are processed as soon as possible upon confirmation of the order.
However, we offer two types of delivery services: Routine delivery and Emergency delivery.
Our Routine Delivery ensure delivery of product maximum of 6-12 hours for product locally available and maximum of 24-48 hours for products not available locally. Whereas, our Emergency Delivery allow medical products to be delivered within half the time of our routine delivery.

8 The product i order is not available ?

Order placed on Medforte is first source for locally. However, if product is not available, a representative from Medforte gives you a call to confirm if we should proceed to source for the product outside your immediate location.

9 My Order was declined ?

An order may be declined for so many reason, some of the common reasons why an order may be declined include:
• Incomplete or wrongly filled prescription
• Selecting a prescription drug without uploading your prescription
• Bad transaction history
• Product not available
• Discrepancies in your order pattern
• Request for illegal or banned product

As much as possible, Medforte will try to notify user if an order is declined.
If your order was declined, you can contact customer care service or call +2348112339449

10 What are the Payment options on Medforte ?

Medforte offers the option of Pay on Delivery for most of its products. However, in exceptional cases, which must have been communicated to client aforehand, payment may be required before certain orders can be processed. In such cases, a company representative will be assigned to confirm the modality of payment into the company account.

11 What is Medforte e-Purchase Code (MPC) ?

Medforte e-medical Purchase Code(MPC) is a unique code given to all users upon registration on the website.
It can be used to order product offline.
simply text your MPC / the desired product to 09030005552 using your registered phone number.

12 How can i confirm my account after registration ?

After registration, a confirmation link is sent to your registered email, kindly follow the link.

13 I did not get a confirmatory email after registration ?

Kindly check out your spam messages

14 How can i ascertain the quality of product am buying on Medforte ?

At Medforte, we are committed to offering our customers original and quality products. Medforte has its laid down guideline to ensure that its Merchant sell only quality products.
If you have any complaint about any of our products, kindly contact us via

15 Are all product on Medforte sold by Medforte ?

No, There are products that are being sold directly by Medforte. However, there are several Merchants who sell their product via Medforte.
To sell on Medforte, kindly contact us at

16 Are the prices of product on Medforte negotiable ?

Prices of product on Medforte are not negotiable. Medforte and its Merchants are committed to offering our customers the best price at all time.

17 Why do i see different prices for the same product ?

1. Same product may be sold by different merchants.
2. Difference in location of merchants
However,this allows you to choose your preferred merchant.

18 How can i change my shipping address after I've placed my order ?

Before shipping, you will get a call from Medforte to confirm your delivery location.
If you did not get a call to confirm your delivery location and you wish to change your delivery location, you can call +2348112339449

19 The product package is open and the product seal broken on delivery. what should i do ?

You should refuse such product. If you mistakenly received it unknowingly, kindly contact our customer care service

20 I missed my delivery what can i do ?

Within the first 3days, we will give you a call to reconfirm your delivery information.
If no response within 7days, the product is transported back to the merchant.
However, you can call us via 09030005552 to reschedule your delivery info.

21 How do i know how much to pay for product delivery ?

Cost of delivery depend mainly on the location of merchant, type of delivery (routine or emergency) and the size of the product.
Overall, the cost of delivery vary from N500 - N2,500.

22 How will i know the amount to be Pay on Delivery of product ?

You will get a confirmatory call from Medforte asking you to confirm your order, and likewise informing you of the cost of the product and the applicable delivery fee.

23 Can i pick up my product at Medforte pick up point ?

Users can pick up their products at the different Medforte collection centres in Ilorin and Lagos.

24 how can i sell on Medforte ?

Medforte is happy to partner with your business as we help you to sell and deliver your products anywhere and at any time. To sell you product on Medforte contact us at or call +2348112339449

25 Can i order for a drug via telephone ?

Our telephone order is available for all products except drugs. Telephone order for drugs is only available to Doctors and hospitals registered on the website.